IPMS Brazil 2013 - XXVII Brazilian Plastic Modeling National Convention
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PAMA - Brazilian Air Force's Aeronautical Materiels Facility, São Paulo SP, Brazil.
November 30th-December 1st, 2013
Southern Modelers Express Machine

The Show

Our famous GPPSD modeling group is IPMS-Brazil since 2011, and put out their annual convention at PAMA's facilities. Nothing can beat the feeling of being in a modeling convention surrounded by Northrop F-5s in all stages of maintenance and historic hangars...

As usual, it was a great, well organized convention. Guilherme Castro all the GPPSD's organizing comitee must be congratulated again. My impression was that a smaller number of modelers entered the contest this year in comparision to the previous ones. 

I cannot imagine how much work is behind the scenes, everyone must applause the efforts of all involved in running such a large event.

The show started on Saturday, but I arrived at the show on Sundary morning, only (spent the Sat visiting some hoby shops). I made my registration and was pleasantly surprised by a good number of vendors. I found paints, pigments, memorablia and kits, lots of kits. There was even a vendor selling indians in 1/72 scale. I grabbed a few to put on my future wagon diorama. I also found some interesting Star Wars stuff to decorate my TIE fighter. I was able to grab the last Italeri set of 1/72 Luftwaffe bombs in resin, but that was about it, since my credit card was already battered from the previous day.

It was a great opportunity to meet several friends from all over the country, and make new ones. I particularly enjoyed putting faces to names from Webkits and other modeling forums. I spent a lot of time with Sidney, moderator of the forum, who told me various funny tales about forum users. Sorry, I'm not telling any of them... Luiz Fernando Martini generously spent a long time explaining his methods and secrets
to me. Thanks man! I chatted a lot with Osvaldo Marcílio Jr. as well. He entered a Dragon's Mustang in 1/32 scale sporting Tamiya's decals, and you have to get really close to not buy his Mustang as a Tamiya one. Rogério Terlizzi is back, this time he brought a twin Bonanza converted from single engine kit - only him and his magic. He introduced me Mr.Antonio, who brought a couple of models make out of Aluminum. They were not foiled - they were made from Aluminum sheets. Talk about old school. I was expecting him getting the Best of the Show award, but...

Back to the contest, the level of craftsmanship was high in most categories. However, I noted a dim number of entries in 1/72 military, ships and figures.

Now, the photos. I organized them in groups, so be warned that all links below contain entries of several sub-categories. As I'm getting old, I enjoying more the show and the people than the photos. Sorry that many models are not here.

Wings - 1/32 and larger:

Wings - 1/48:

Wings - 1/72:

Wings - civil:

AFV & Military - 1/35:

AFV & Military - 1/72:



Cars, bikes, trucks:

Figures, SciFi & miscellanea:

Some of the winners:

General views:

Congratulations to all in the organizing staff. Good job and t
hanks guys!

Rato Marczak © 2013