Welcome to the plastic modeling page of Rogério "Rato" Marczak. I'm a professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department at UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Here you'll find things related to my hobby. Everything here is under construction, and I'll be adding new material as time permits. If you have comments or suggestions, please
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      Latest updates:
  • November 17th.2018: Here is my report on the IPMS-UK Nats / Scale ModelWorld Modeling Convention held at Telford, UK, last week. I'm posting 700+ photos of models, news, vendors and a lot more of what is one of the largest modeling conventions in the world. Grab a cold one and enjoy!
  • November 1st.2018: After months of hibernation, I finally posted the final photos of the Red Pounder vignette, showing the 1/72 PST KV-122 near Zaporozhye, Ukraine in mid-1943. That is the most probable area and time of the use of the few KV-122s by the 8th Guard Tank Corps, during their offensive in the direction of the Dnieper river.  
  • September 9.2018: I scratchbuilt a few more details to the 1/32 Heinkel He-162. I still have to add/correct the nose landing gear and then I'll finally add some paint to this project...
  • August 11.2018: Sorry for the radio silence lately... life's been tough. Anyway, I made some visible progress on the Revell Heinkell He-162 A-2 in 1/32 scale. Dozens of scratchbuilt details were made, and there are more to come. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  • May 29.2018: In spite of the radio silence, I've been working on models when I can. Here is part of an in progress diorama: a GMC CCKW 353 Hi-lift, used to load cargo airplanes during the war. I kitbashed the Airfix and the old Hasegawa kits to represent this unique variant of the Deuce in 1/72 scale
  • April 21.2018: I finally started to work on the missing part of the future Leaving the Tunnel diorama - the Revell Heinkell He-162 A-2 in 1/32 scale will be mounted on top of a flatbed railcar, partially assembled... 

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