Welcome to my personal plastic modeling page. My name is Rogério "Rato" Marczak. I'm a professor of the Mechanical Engineering Department  at UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Here you'll find things related to my hobby. Everything here is under construction, and I'll be adding new material as time permits. If you have comments or suggestions, please
drop me a line

      Latest updates:
  • July 19th.2017: It took me a while, but here is at last an update: 'Nam Taxi is my rendition of the M113 ACAV in mission during the Vietnam war. The vehicle, based on the Academy kit in 1/35 scale, is finished. Now I have to work on the base and figures... Hope you liked it.
  • June 4th.2017: I've been away from my bench, so here goes a walkaround: Heinkel He-162A-2 w/n 120227 as displayed at RAF Museum, London - November, 2016. The photos leave a bit to be desired, but so the aircraft...
  • May 10th.2017: After more than two years working on it, I finally finished the Retreat diorama in 1/72 scale. The scene depits troops gathering in a farm on the Eastern front, late summer 1943. It includes the Trumpeter Famo, Revell Kanone 18 and a conversion of the Italeri Sd.Kfz.253
  • May 4th.2017: Here is a small update on my Retreat diorama in 1/72 scale. The figures are basically finished now, and I'm starting to work on the last details.
  • May 3rd.2017: Antrvm Ratvs reached 250k visits this week, not counting the direct accesses to the articles. I couldn't imagine this figure even in my craziest dreams. A big thank you to all friends, modelers, companies and visitors for all your support and interest. And yes, I'll keep it as a non-sponsored site.
  • April 30.2017: I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Here is my Revell Cutty Sark in 1/350 scale finally finished. It took me mere 10 (that's right, ten) years...
  • March 21.2017: Here are some photos of our last club meeting on March 16th, 2017 at our HQ. We had an impressive lecture by Nestor Magalhães describing his trip to Yamamoto's crash site at Bougainville area, Papua-New Guinea.
  • March 13.2017: The End of Operation Rembrandt was my unpretentious entry in a recent group build of our modeling club. Starring Hobby Boss Zlin Z-42 and a Hasegawa Chevy in 1/72 scale. .

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